What we do​​
We help you with a range of challenges:

  • Do you have problems with maintaining low waiting times?
  • Do your services need to be redesigned and transformed to meet national standards?
  • Do you need to make improvements to quality or safety?
  • Are you currently trying to improve productivity and efficiency?
  • Do you have problems in avoiding emergency admissions or reduce length of stay?
  • Are you aspiring to attain accreditation?
  • Are you experiencing time pressures in primary care?
  • Do you need your staff to be trained to deliver service improvement?

These are just a few of the services we can offer, for more details please contact us
Who we are​​
Healthcare Improvement Experts (HCIE) is an organisation of service improvement specialists each with an enviable track record of delivering continuous and sustainable quality improvement in healthcare. 

With a Director Board having combined experience spanning clinical and managerial roles approaching 50 years in the NHS, HCIE personnel are leaders in the provision of bespoke advice, training and assisted implementation of process improvement across primary, secondary, tertiary, community services, clinical networks and care homes. 

Our services blend recognised service improvement techniques with an understanding of the current health landscape and help you systematically identify the reasons for your challenges.  We work with you to develop strategies for resolving these issues and implement the plans - leaving you and your staff with the skills and confidence to sustain your improvements.

We help you take back control to save time, improve safety, maintain or improve the quality of your services and make best use of your resources.
  1. Industry Experts
  2. Qualified Consultants
  3. Diverse Methodologies